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Congratulations to our client from Arandjelovac, Serbia! After almost 2 hours long marriage based Green Card immigration interview, client received approval of his Green Card application. Despite partial government shutdown, which also covers part of U.S. Immigration Services, this morning our law office attended at 26 Federal Plaza in New York, a marriage-based immigration (Green Card) interview for the client from Arandjelovac, Serbia. After almost 2 hours and over 100 interview questions and comments by the Immigration Service officer, including the comment that he will duck tape him and glue him and send him back to Serbia, we received the approval of marriage based Immigrant Petition (Form I-130 package) and Adjustment of Status (Form I-485 package), and the client will happily receive his Green Card in mail in about 2-3 weeks. For more about marriage-based Green Card and interview questions and preparation, for more please see #marijanlaw.com.

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  2. Baba Reply

    Podcast, did you say? Sign me up! I’ve been putting in some efofrt blogging about my Sacramento Palo Alto bike/train commute, and a podcast has been in the back of my mind. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I have the time, resources (ahem or content) to do it on my own. I’d love to join others in that efofrt, however!

  3. Elahe Reply

    Hey John,Actually, I did feel the call to action aescpt of your post. Sorry that didn’t come across clearly in mine! (The last two sentences, re buzz.) I still think the subjective rating of bike culture is bogus, e.g. renowned bike shops . WTF? How about ? But seriously, we do need to push bicycling in this town. There’s no reason why Sacramento can’t leverage its weather/topo benefits and become a world-class bike city.

  4. Ade Reply

    Sorry about the pingback. Don’t know why it wasn’t woirkng.I wasn’t really faulting Bicycling I agree that Sacramento has a ways to go yet, but that didn’t really come across in the post (which was meant to be a little snarky and more like a call to action obviously it failed).The lack of bike racks is a huge issue for me. I hate going somewhere and discovering the only place I have to lock up is a no parking sign. I’m going to see if I can find the statistics on number of trips by bicycle. I think I know where I can find them, but it will take some doing.I was bummed about Bike Talk.

  5. Mojtaba Reply

    Yeah, as a former bcciyle commuter myself, I think it would be a bit of a stretch to call Sacramento a cycling-friendly town. My first extensive experience as a bcciyle commuter was a daily trip from North Highlands to Watt and El Camino, which involved a big stretch along Watt Avenue with no sidewalk, no bike trail, no practical alternate route, and only the barest hint of a shoulder. Later that job moved to the Garden Highway, and I moved downtown so I could continue to commute by bike. That was better, but in the winter Discovery Park flooded and I was left with two options: take a several-mile detour through Del Paso Heights, or ride on the freeway shoulder between Richards Boulevard and the Garden Highway (which is legal only when Discovery Park is flooded). I did the latter going to work and the former coming back (since I got off close to midnight and didn’t want to be on the freeway after dark) and let me tell you, neither option was any fun.In my experience, a large number of Sacramento drivers really don’t want to share the road with cyclists in fact, I’ve talked to quite a few who were honestly surprised that it’s legal for cyclists to use the road where there’s no bike lane, and that it’s actually illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk. I’ve been honked at, yelled at, run off the road, and had food thrown at me for exercising my legal right to ride in the right lane of traffic. In places where there’s a clearly marked bike lane, it’s easier but there are far too many roads in Sacramento without a bike lane, and sometimes without a sidewalk, either.On the bright side, we do have a fantastic system of bike trails along the river, and for those lucky few who can use those to get to and from work, Sacramento is a nearly perfect cycling town.

  6. Gisselle Reply

    Congrats, I’m so thrilled for all of you! I’ve reanidg since before you got Z and travelled to Asia the first time, I to have moved blogs and life has gone outI used to be After AsiaSo excited to hear more

  7. Dzie Reply

    CONGRATS! My friend Shelly told me about your rererfal news on Saturday (at Chinese dance class) and showed me your beautiful girl’s pic and your other beautiful girl’s many pics. So happy for you! Crazy how long this took. Good for you for hanging in there.Tracy (Trace7, RQ)

  8. Dennis Reply

    Congratulations, she is absolutely pecfert and beautiful!!! And your Z is such a big girl now!I have lost touch, but I still keep up with RQ and I saw a comment from you along with your LID date and saw that you were NEXT!!! Just had to follow up so happy for your family

  9. Haalaa Reply

    Amazing news! Your mei mei is so gorgeous, coaagrtulntions!I have been following and loving your pictures for a while now and am very happy for your family.Have a fantastic time again in China and all the best for your new life. It’s been quite an adjustment for us to become 4 but I would not want it another way

  10. Ronaldo Reply

    Hot Diggity Dog!!!! It is about time!!!! My fellow June 19ther! Unfortunately I won’t be going along with my Junebug Friends. I know how you feel thouhgt about the excitement this time around. With the wait being so long it kind took the oomph out of it. But, believe me once you see that angel being brought your way it will hit!! If not before.Cheering you and all of the other June 19th LIDers on.

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