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Based on the #preliminary news, it appears that President Obama forgot about his #executive action on #immigration reform and will not start any new immigration initiatives in his #State of the Union Speech on Tuesday night, and will devote more time to tax increases, taxing the rich and the banks, etc. As far as we know, there are no new initiatives, no new proposals or a suggestion for a grand bargain or #compromise with #Congressional Republicans over a #comprehensive immigration reform, so is the #White House admitting that the immigration reform is finally dead for the duration of the Obama presidency or they just conveniently forgot about it? For any news call our office at 718-213-5700.

  1. Cassia Reply

    for expats who have had work-based reensdit permits for years, Article 42 could be key to their ability to remain in China. This article states that various departments under the State Council will formulate and periodically adjust a guidance catalog regarding the country’s need for foreign workers, taking into account economic and social development needs, as well as the supply and demand for human resources. According to People’s Daily, this catalog will define specific industries and occupations that are prohibited to, encouraged, or restricted to foreigners. This catalog may parallel the existing Foreign Industrial Investment Guidance Catalog, which identifies industries in which foreign investment is prohibited, encouraged, or restricted. So, the worst case scenario would be that an expat who has worked in China for years could wake up one day to find that residence certificates will no longer be granted for work in his or her profession or industry. Right now, all that expats can do is wait for publication of the first guidance catalog and related regulations.

  2. Borozo Reply

    that a child born to an illegal is a cteizin. If your parent is an illegal, then you are born an illegal. We can not go to Mexico illegally and demand that we become a cteizin. I feel that the United States is just establishing a subculture that they can underpay. If they paid a fair wage then there would no be a question whether African-Americans would want those jobs. What happens when the Mexicans become cteizins and no longer want to work for the lower wages? Will this large group unionized and then demand higher wages?If you look at the trades, they are opening their doors to Mexicans and still give African-Americans a hard time.It irritates me when I hear press 1 for English and press 2 for Spanish. They like all other nationalities should have to learn to speak English. This is America, not Mexico. I am happy that you had this discussion.

  3. Naim Reply

    that the third rail in politics is Social Security rroefm. If you touch it you die (politically). I would dare say that Immigration rroefm has probably replaced or at least joined Social Security. Neither candidate wants to talk about rroefm for fear of alienating either constituency (those favoring rroefm and those favoring border security). McCain has spoken more to the issue as it is such an important part of his base’s worry, however he has focused on border security rather than discussing his support of the rroefm bill of a couple of years back. One caveat of Obama’s emphasis on economy is that it unfortunately plays into the hands of those who erroneously blame the undocumented for the US economic woes (i.e., taking jobs or driving down wages ) making it more difficult for Obama to address this issue as well. Ultimately, I am saddened that the Lou Dobbes and Rush Limbaughes of the world have dictated this conversation in such a way that good honest conversations have become impossible in the national arena by the two persons most likely to lead us in addressing this question.

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